Hello. I’m Nicholas Blasquez and I’m tired of the bullsh!t.

I’ve been unwell. Mentally, physically, and even spiritually. Especially spiritually. I’ve been doing all the healthy Earthly things but it’s not fixing me. I can’t sleep. I don’t digest food anymore. My therapist won’t call me back…and I’ve discovered why: My soul is heavy with the lie called Life. I’m tired of being faked and faking it.

Give me something real Nick because the alternative isn’t working. You might nod and smile and look pretty but it’s destroying you. And for what, man?

“Healing” “best life” and “best self” are sexy buzzwords these days but I’m tired of backsliding and disappointing myself, so I’m over that quest. I’m okay with my discontent. Look, I’m full of fire and thunderstorms and a heaping scoop of sorrow (plus spells of joy so fierce I get goosebumps). But there is good news for a strange guy like me…

I’m learning that real connection with myself and others makes me feel damn nice! So I’m going with that. I truly feel that human interaction is a gift and every single person I meet has something groundbreaking and teachable to share, always when they least expect it.

So what the heck is this blog? It’s a journey of exploration through the psyche. It’s honoring the God Spark in others and myself. It’s uncovering what’s real in a world of illusions. It’s exploring life in all its beauty, decay, diversity, comedy, tragedy, and absurdity.

It’s making non-fiction true again. It’s communication that gets to the heart of the matter. It’s conversations that are worth having and worth sharing. Occasionally it’s soul searching with road flares and a shotgun. Sometimes it’s just something neat and one-a-kind I find in someone and need to write down before the memory of it slips away. It’s random but honest. It’s feeding the fire. Around here, we leave the bullish!t at the door.

“Some days, it’s a battle just keeping sane. But here’s the secret: the war isn’t out there. It’s on the inside. But the storm can be tamed by going within with paper and a pen.”

Nick Blasquez

Feeling experimental? Want to see what your words can do for you? Me too.

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