About Me

My name is Nicholas Blasquez. My hobbies are passionate rants, blank stares into space, and talking to strangers about feelings and conspiracies.

I get my kicks exploring the (inner) world around me, chatting with folks about their experiences. Their passions. The stand-out events that shape them. How they find meaning. What gets them out of bed and dressed for work for forty years. Or not. How they deal when they JUST CAN’T. 

No life scrapbook reads the same and I love capturing this through interviews. I’m always learning neat stuff and I like reporting my findings back to the mothership.

The best part though, is ANALYZING conversations. Because people blow me away with their random insights and unplanned bouts of genus. And dissecting the lessons is good wholesome fun.

For understanding myself, my vehicle is therapeutic writing. Be it writing weirdo dark fiction that kind of scares me or blogging my way through the darkest recesses of my being.

Nice to meet you explorer and welcome to my digital headspace. I hope you brought a machete because it’s a jungle in here.

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